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Buying a puppy online is a big deal for you, no doubt about it. And it is a big deal for us too! Throughout your journey with us, from the moment you first contact us, to after you have chosen your puppy, even beyond when you are together with your puppy, you will get personal support from us.

                 Safely Shipped          

We deliver your puppy through pet friendly airlines, such as Lufthansa, KLM, Qatar Airways, in a comfortable crate, climate controlled cabin, and ensure the puppy has the shortest possible journey. If an overnight layover is necessary, we ensure that the Airline provides a full pet service.  we  also  provide  live  tracking  service so  you         know  exactly  were  your  pet  is during  transit  …..

Pre departure Check up with vet

Every Puppy gets a final check up at the vet, and only if they are given the full all clear, do we allow them to safely travel to you.

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 Get a 25% discount when you signup
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